In the ring
It is not a game if you cannot choose not to play. Read more – ‘In the ring’.
Causal fields
You can have your soul and eat it. Read more – ‘Causal fields’.
You say life is a circle, I say it is an … Read more – ‘Compact’.
Being ahead of your time is like arriving at a party early. Read more – ‘Prescient’.
At the gallery
“You stuff the cracks with the best straw”. Read more – ‘At the gallery’.
Neuroscience as it is
Attempting to untangle Gordian knots with Zeno fids. Read more – ‘Neuroscience as it is’.
May your future be history. Read more – ‘Blessing’.
Others because you did not swipe Right have been friends of mine… Read more – ‘Millennialized’.
The lucky descend to their level. Read more – ‘Evolution’.
The key to eternal life is also the key to total extinction. You think biology would let you cut it? Read more – ‘Fornever’.
The cement of the universe
Causality is retrospective prophecy. Read more – ‘The cement of the universe’.
Grief is a wave, not a particle. Read more – ‘Emoton’.
Blame neither moth nor flame. Read more – ‘Fated’.
Natural history
Cultures rarely die: they zombify. Read more – ‘Natural history’.
If the world were a chess game, it would have too few knights in it. Read more – ‘Moves’.
The light of analogy always casts a shadow. Read more – ‘Illumination’.
If you reflect more than you emit, you will attract those who like to look at their reflection. Read more – ‘Complementarities’.
Medicine is what we do while waiting for science. Read more – ‘Medicine’.
If you don’t know biology you won’t know how to escape it. Read more – ‘Emancipation’.
Vision takes imagination, revision takes imagination and courage. Read more – ‘Revisionary’.
Promise that remains promise never disappoints. Read more – ‘Tragedy’.
Only the old can know their youth was not an accident. Read more – ‘Proof’.
Memory II
You only forget what you never knew. Read more – ‘Memory II’.
Brutality and elegance are orthogonal. Read more – ‘Style’.
Contrast III
Science generalises, medicine particularises. Read more – ‘Contrast III’.
Action and sound
In vision, occlusion and collision are indissociable. Read more – ‘Action and sound’.
Biased to the mean is biased still. Read more – ‘Tailoring’.
…are of the body-alexic. Read more – ‘Tattoos…’.
That we are programmed to resist it does not mean we are not programmed to die. Read more – ‘Inexistence’.
Evolution II
Biology cares not whether you win or lose, only that you play the game. Read more – ‘Evolution II’.
Thought flows in channels carved by passion. Rarely does it breach them, and never for long. Read more – ‘Psychography’.
Contrast II
Men are living or dead; ideas living or undead. Read more – ‘Contrast II’.
To have extinguished the concept of noise. Read more – ‘Achievement’.
“You are staring at my words.” Read more – ‘Chat’.
If I constrain more than you explain, I win. Read more – ‘Competition’.
Emotional myopia
Close up, the prefix in melodrama and the suffix in sentimentality are hard to see. Read more – ‘Emotional myopia’.
When a noun, rarely an adjective. Read more – ‘“Creative”’.
God plays dice only with those who cannot call them. Read more – ‘Sightcraft’.
If you know, you need not believe; if your believe, you need not know. Read more – ‘Presupposed’.
Shooting yourself in the foot might be a good idea if the enemy’s head lies behind it. Read more – ‘Collateral’.
Nothing is sadder than the wrong kind of happy. Read more – ‘Malcontent’.
Netart now
Will sans skill. Read more – ‘Netart now’.
The game
Philosophy is S&M where most of the S is covertly M. Read more – ‘The game’.
Poetry is for prose. Read more – ‘Transduction’.
A mind for coffee tables, a soul for day beds. Read more – ‘Summary’.
Continental philosophers try to make sense out of nonsense, anglo-saxon philosophers nonsense out of sense. Read more – ‘Geophilosophy’.
Intellect is like rope: if you hang yourself with it, more will not help you. But the knife of courage might. Read more – ‘Salvation’.
The locus of selection is not the only locus of competition. Read more – ‘Evolution’.
Not all symbols need to be usable more than once. Read more – ‘Psychophysiological’.
The man who goes down with the sun is not the man who rises with it. Read more – ‘Continuity’.
An animal is just the flower, not the plant. Read more – ‘Mereology’.
Addressing no-one is not the same as addressing anyone. Read more – ‘Netcasting’.
A chess move will always look silly to those who think you are playing draughts. Read more – ‘Miscritical’.
False variety
Changing the chessboard does not make the same moves more interesting. Read more – ‘False variety’.
Sexual dimorphism
A peacock _is_ its tail. Read more – ‘Sexual dimorphism’.
The Motive of the Christ
Vicarious revictimisation? Read more – ‘The Motive of the Christ’.
Darkness is better than false light. Read more – ‘Defects’.
There is a kind of forgetting that is remembering time, and a kind of remembering that is forgetting it. Read more – ‘Memories’.
To show the fly is in a Klein bottle. Read more – ‘Post-Wittgenstein’.
Philosophy & Neuroscience
The deaf leading the blind in pitch black silence. Read more – ‘Philosophy & Neuroscience’.
Late is not better than never. Read more – ‘Knowledge’.
The meaning of imagination falls somewhere between intelligent courage and courageous intelligence. Read more – ‘Compounds’.
Neurology is meteorology done by horologists. Read more – ‘Fit’.
Better to be innocent of guilt than guilty of innocence. Read more – ‘Knowledge’.
Only the blind see paradox. Read more – ‘Solubility’.
The view from the top
On Olympus, it is hard not to become parochial. Read more – ‘The view from the top’.
Behind the glasses of psychopathy
The sociopath is a sentimental cynic, the borderline is a cynical sentimentalist. Read more – ‘Behind the glasses of psychopathy’.
Through the glasses of psychopathy
To the narcissist compassion and self-pity look the same. Read more – ‘Through the glasses of psychopathy’.
Death is the best medicine. Read more – ‘Panacea’.
…and now we are familiar strangers. Read more – ‘Then…’.
Misfortune teller. Read more – ‘Profession’.
There are hands you may redeem yourself for eating from only in biting. Read more – ‘Payback’.
Detail and scale are orthogonal. Read more – ‘Attention’.
The muse is lonelier than the artist. Read more – ‘Situations’.
After you use a hammer you won’t know you needed a scalpel. Read more – ‘Sequence’.
Black is white without the hysteria. Read more – ‘Shades’.
The neuroscientist can change his logic, the philosopher cannot change the facts. Read more – ‘Inequality’.
The old wait for death; the young are out looking for it. Read more – ‘Youth’.
A torch does not help when you are looking for shadows. Read more – ‘Misinstrumented’.
Agnosognosia (sic)
Ignorance need resolve in knowledge no more than in the impossibility of knowledge. Read more – ‘Agnosognosia (sic)’.
The love of ideas is always unrequited. Read more – ‘Asymmetries’.
Between the pieces 3
“Can you exchange your air miles for intellectual ones?” Read more – ‘Between the pieces 3’.
Between the pieces 2
“Do you also read bedtime stories to yourself?” Read more – ‘Between the pieces 2’.
Between the pieces 1
“You ran a gospel choir in Kabul? And then?” Read more – ‘Between the pieces 1’.
There is no such thing as plurality of fact. Read more – ‘Opinions’.
Some seek to advance the field, others seek to advance themselves in it. Read more – ‘Careers’.
Pain from imaginary things is not imaginary. Read more – ‘Phantoms’.
Art begins where the sense of “why?” ends. Read more – ‘Boundaries’.
“Stop acting!”, they tell you at acting school. “Stop thinking!”, they should tell you at philosophy school. Read more – ‘Instruction’.
Sex is an information theoretic necessity. And so is death. Read more – ‘Extensions’.
Violence no more implies anger than amusement implies joy. Read more – ‘Dissociations’.
Adverse socioemotional diagnostic
(Lapsed friends) – (strangers) < 0 Read more – ‘Adverse socioemotional diagnostic’.
An artist should be a pair of eyes: not a brain, still less a heart. Read more – ‘Smysl’.
To slam a door shut you need to open it first. Read more – ‘Preliminaries’.
The problem of the intellect…
…is that it does not bruise. Failure needs to be painful to be learned from. Read more – ‘The problem of the intellect…’.
Prepositional 2
One acts _with_ a reason, though it seems as if _for_ it. Read more – ‘Prepositional 2’.
The narcissist’s problem
Sharing a point of view makes self-delusion harder. Read more – ‘The narcissist’s problem’.
Brain talk
You are worried it is indefensible, I am worried it is indefeasible. Read more – ‘Brain talk’.
As lacking means does not extinguish desire so lacking sense does not extinguish nonsense. Read more – ‘Talking’.
The information age
The best way to kill a man with thirst is to drown him in another liquid. Read more – ‘The information age’.
It is not seeing the wood for the trees that is the commonest problem, it is having it. Read more – ‘Dysacademia’.
Brain imaging
You are worried it is phrenology. I am worried it is tasseography. Read more – ‘Brain imaging’.
On the ice
Plausibility is the worst enemy of truth. Read more – ‘On the ice’.
The meaning of philosophy
Caring about the difference between rationality and irrationality is non-rational. Read more – ‘The meaning of philosophy’.
The owl of Minerva spreads its wings only when it can no longer tell dusk from dawn. Read more – ‘Senility’.
Unthought of is not the same as forgotten. Read more – ‘Memory’.
“Falling out of love” is like “waking up from death”: if the verb is true the object cannot be. Read more – ‘Impossibilities’.
Paleoconservatives know the emperor’s clothes are imaginary but find him no less appealing for it. Neoliberals cover him with sheep’s clothing and feign surprise at being eaten alive. Read more – ‘Politics’.
Travel broadens only the irreparably narrow. Read more – ‘Minds’.
The closer a fact is to an idea, the blinder one is to its actuality. Con artists seek out the imaginative. Read more – ‘Proximities’.
Intellectual death (and still-birth) _are_ events in life. Read more – ‘Contrast’.
Would you be proud of faithfully re-reading only a handful of books? Read more – ‘Well-slept’.
“But you do not know who he is!” Exactly. Read more – ‘Infungibility’.
An architect who does not build is like a lover who only talks: ultimately, he can only sustain the interest of the frigid. Read more – ‘Values’.
Low in confidence sounds so much more sympathetic than low in courage. Read more – ‘Euphemistic’.
If the outcome is more consistent than the choice of game, perhaps it is what is really chosen. Read more – ‘Conversorial’.
Academic writing…
…is frozen flirtation. Read more – ‘Academic writing…’.
When the time comes
Love may not be comparative, but power certainly is. Read more – ‘When the time comes’.
Hipsteria 2
If you must lie to the world to be true to yourself, you will know neither truth nor falsehood. Read more – ‘Hipsteria 2’.
Hipsteria 1
Fake creators escape from the world into themselves; real creators escape from themselves into the world. Read more – ‘Hipsteria 1’.
Grounds of liability
In emotion, suspicion is conviction. Read more – ‘Grounds of liability’.
Emotional amnesia
What is it about the emotional realm that turns amnesia from a defect into an achievement? For some. Read more – ‘Emotional amnesia’.
Bare minima
If you can’t see the way to death, and back, from any position, what good are you? Read more – ‘Bare minima’.
The trouble with counting the goals is that it assumes we are all playing the same game. Read more – ‘Performance’.
A comparison
Unconditional love is a virtue, unconditional attraction a vice. Perhaps love is more superficial than attraction. Read more – ‘A comparison’.
True synopsis
To see outside the visual field you need to stop using your eyes. Read more – ‘True synopsis’.
Bad combination
Strong will and no courage. Read more – ‘Bad combination’.
In the realm of intimacy, all victories are Pyrrhic. Read more – ‘Adversarial’.
In academia…
…most truths are negations of counterfactual lies. Read more – ‘In academia…’.
One is either born with perfect emotional pitch, or forever needs another’s heart for reference. Read more – ‘Emotonality’.
Is it an accident that emotions are never dismissed as tautological? Read more – ‘Comparison’.
The origins of sympathy
If emotion can be so confused about its object, why not its subject? Read more – ‘The origins of sympathy’.
Most creators are inverted spectators. Read more – ‘Creativity’.
In the contemporary humanities, a radiograph and a jumpsuit emblazoned with a skeleton look the same. Read more – ‘Penetration’.
Reading should be less like watching a play than acting in one. Read more – ‘Books’.
Human nature
The conceptual is only the beginning. Read more – ‘Human nature’.
Philosophy defines the limits of possibility, neuroscience the limits of actuality. Read more – ‘Roles’.
Only great philosophers realize they cannot be. Read more – ‘Insight’.
The arrow of information
Nothing can be simpler than its constituent elements. Read more – ‘The arrow of information’.
The part of us that is wrong about belief is not the part that can understand the question. Read more – ‘Religion’.
Question marks
Just as many put them too deep as not deep enough. Read more – ‘Question marks’.
The conative…
…may have reason as instrument but never as cause. Read more – ‘The conative…’.
Small worlds
It is the size of the Bacon number for ideas that we need to worry about. Read more – ‘Small worlds’.
Nature vs nurture
If you can only replicate one, you cannot distinguish noise from the other. Read more – ‘Nature vs nurture’.
From unknown to known is good, from unknown to unknowable better. Read more – ‘Success’.
The shadow of a mirage
The sense of subconsciousness came so late because the nonsense of consciousness had to come first. Read more – ‘The shadow of a mirage’.
Life has necessities but no sufficiencies. Read more – ‘Underdeterminacy’.
Enough philosophy…
…is stairs to samewhere. Read more – ‘Enough philosophy…’.
The problem with the emotions…
…is that they are not counterfactual even when their object is. Read more – ‘The problem with the emotions…’.
Words fall long of deeds. Read more – ‘Language’.
The mind never wins against the body: you must keep them on the same side. Read more – ‘Conflict’.
You cannot possess an idea, but an idea can possess you. Read more – ‘Ownerships’.
The eye cannot see its seeing, so why should the brain understand its understanding? Read more – ‘Limits’.
It is not courage if it is not cold; it is not power if it is not cool. Read more – ‘Virtues’.
Neopsychonosology 2
Love is both too much and too little imagination. Read more – ‘Neopsychonosology 2’.
Neopsychonosology 1
Conformist without a cause. Read more – ‘Neopsychonosology 1’.
There is no vainer hope…
…than Gesamtliebeswerk. Read more – ‘There is no vainer hope…’.
She said:
“I’ll kill you if getting over me doesn’t.” Read more – ‘She said:’.
Relative powers
I decide on the full stops, you decide on punctuation. Read more – ‘Relative powers’.
Neuroscience tries to generalise to the particular. Read more – ‘Prepositional’.
To be uncritical is to be unforgiving. Read more – ‘Relations’.
Cinema is curated theatre. Read more – ‘Ontogeny’.
Death is the body’s revenge on the soul. Read more – ‘Power’.
In the realm of the emotions
There are goldfish, and they are teflon-coated. Read more – ‘In the realm of the emotions’.
Language & the brain
Few see that we do not have a vocabulary for the brain; fewer still that we do not have a grammar. Read more – ‘Language & the brain’.
Biology has no laws. Read more – ‘Jurisdiction’.
False clanging
Constructive destruction is like disinterested interest. Read more – ‘False clanging’.
A curse
May all your truths be plausible! Read more – ‘A curse’.
Looking into boxes
Of subject & designation, as of object & designation, one is irrelevant. Read more – ‘Looking into boxes’.
Through a glass
A person is a caricature of a human being. Read more – ‘Through a glass’.
Science should not be showbusiness for boring people. Read more – ‘“Engagement”’.
Better to be wrong than to be right for the wrong reasons. Read more – ‘Fidelity’.
Death & Birth
Part death is also a birth. Read more – ‘Death & Birth’.