Creative Machine at Goldsmith’s
A group show of machine-mediated art, on till 14th November 2014. Read more – ‘Creative Machine at Goldsmith’s’.
EXHIBITION | Monday 13th – Sunday 19th October 2014 The Portico, UCL Main Quad, Gower Street, WC1E 6BT Inside the citadel of rational analysis is here redefined imaginative synthesis. A new series of works reverses the conventional arrow of creativity, extracting ideal, canonical human forms not from the imagination but directly from thousands of concrete […] Read more – ‘Canonical’.
A short film, Nemoralia, of At Nemi, a light installation, conceived and shot for the Revelata exhibition. Read more – ‘Nemoralia’.
Artefacts are ordinarily mere patients to historical agency, consequences of forces been and gone. Even in the contemporaneity of execution, the creative force stands apart from the thing created, a means divorced from its end. Yet a power is revealed only through its consequences, for what else could make it visible, tangible? Just as a […] Read more – ‘Revelata’.
A video installation, in collaboration with Doug Foster, for Lazarides’s Bedlam exhibition at the Old Vic Tunnels, October 2012. High-definition video recorded via a slit lamp and projected on a 3 metre diameter sphere. Between sanity and insanity there lies a hinterland where neither description has sense. Ancient, primordial parts of our brains rule here that […] Read more – ‘Lidless’.